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I began working with Tracy 6 months after a near death auto accident.  After 4 months of intensive rehabilitation, I knew there was a large part of me that felt like I was not myself.  Her polarity and soul retrieval work amazing and I was able to recover parts of myself that had splintered after the accident.  I felt like my true self again, so much so that my partner saw the positive difference in me and asked to work with Tracy himself.  He also had positive results.  I am so grateful for the work Tracy does, it is fascinating. Each time I see her I feel more and more layers of the proverbial onion peel back and continue to see improvements in not only regaining parts of myself that were lost, but evolving into the best I can be.

- Karen F.


I can easily recommend Tracy Liberty because her shamanic work has impacted my life in a way I hardly thought possible. I had migraines since the second grade, they had progressed to twice a week frequency and were so intense I could barely function, it was distressing to literally lose that much of my life to pain and inactivity. Journeying with Tracy partnered with her soul retrieval and energy work began the 'unraveling' of the migraine mystery. A year later I am migraine free, amazed and grateful. 

- Amy W.

South Portland, ME


Receiving a Polarity session with Tracy is like rediscovering an aspect of yourself you have forgotten. When you feel overwhelmed, anxious and unsure of where you are Tracy's calming energy instantly relaxes you. Her gentle touch, knowledge, love and respect for each individual makes you feel safe, able to let go of those energies that don't support you and start healing. Tracy is an amazing woman with an amazing gift of love, nurturing, respect, and honor. To receive work from Tracy is like being wrapped in a warm blanket, safe and loved.





Tracy Liberty is deeply intuitive, kind, professional, and direct. My sessions with Tracy have been very beneficial to my health and well being physically, spiritually, and emotionally ~ I walk away from my sessions with a sense of healing and groundedness and always with a new learning or nugget of information to consider about myself. I highly recommend Tracy if you are curious about and/or considering a Polarity session.


- B. W-K.

South Portland, ME



Experiencing polarity therapy with Tracy Liberty has been profound. I have been lucky enough to have her as my healer, my guide, and my grounding energy for the past two years. Tracy works from a place of deep intuition in her sessions. It is the combination of her extensive training and her natural affinity with the energetic world that makes me feel at peace and allows for deeper layers of healing and change to occur. I can't imagine navigating through life without the moments of relaxation and reconnection with my true self that Tracy provides. The greatest compliment I can give is that I would recommend Tracy as a polarity therapist to any and all of my friends and family. I wish that everyone could experience the balance and ease in their lives that can be realized through working with Tracy.

- H.J.

Portland, ME 



Tracy supports me in achieving my best in mind, body, & spirit through her amazing body & energy work skills. Tracy intuitively combines her energetic insights and her dance & yoga practice to craft a perfect session, as well as, the perfect tools to include in my day-to-day routine further enabling me to be my most aligned self. Because of her generosity of self & experience in her sessions and home exercise program recommendations, Tracy has become an integral part of my self-care routine.


- F.F.

Portland, ME










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