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Services and Rates


Please note that I am now primarily offering my work through Google Hangouts/Skype/Phone sessions (distance work). I am only at my physical space in Yarmouth about twice a month.


$120 per 90 minute session - $150 per 2 hour session (rates beyond that are $1 per additional minute)

I also offer a package of THREE SESSIONS for a combined price of $340, which is $20 off the regular rate. This is a great option for clients who come to see me on a regular basis.

*All of my sessions include a considerable amount of time talking with my clients, which is also part of the session time/price.* 



This is only a list of some of my offerings. As I open to to Spirit and begin to work with my clients, many other ways of healing begin to unfold. My relationship with my clients are divine partnerships, and Spirit is the driver of the metaphorical bus! Most of my clients work with me for months or years, and the work begins to deepen as time strengthens the trust between us.



A power animal retrieval is a simple, yet effective shamanic ritual that can provide support to a client. The benefit is revealed in the phrase 'POWER' animal; you are em 'power'ed when the spirit of the animal is returned to you.

When someone has had a loss of power due to a stressful event (think divorce, surgery, the loss of a job, illness) then it may be helpful for him or her to receive a power animal retrieval.

Power Animals sometimes stay for a very long time, and sometimes they leave and allow for a new ally to come in. Sometimes we may find that a Power Animal is coming back to us to help us through something specific occurring in our lives. Through a Power Animal Retrieval, the spirit of a Power Animal is returned to a person for the purpose of bringing power and healing.



When a shaman performs an extraction what she or he is doing is removing what we call spiritual intrusions. A spiritual intrusion is a form of negative energy which has gotten stuck on a person, an animal, a place, a building or other life form.

Spiritual intrusions can cause a variety of symptoms on the mental, emotional, or physical aspect of a person. Some of the symptoms are:


Negative thoughts/emotions

Low energy/tiredness

Chronic physical illness that has not responded to other treatments

Chronic pain that does not respond to treatment and cannot be diagnosed by traditional methods

Sleep and/or dream disturbances

Remember that thoughts and words (whether positive or negative) are energy. When we send negative thoughts and/or speak negative words to another person this may take the form of an intrusion. This energy, when directed to another person, place, animal or other life form has the power to effect someone very dramatically. It is very important to be responsible for our own thoughts, emotions, and actions and to bring awareness to the quality of energy we bring into the world.  



Shamans of indigenous cultures within the village, community or tribe, understood that when someone experiences a trauma, not only are the physical and mental/emotional energies affected by this trauma, but also the soul or spirit.

When a person experiences a 'trauma' an essence or quality of our spirit may leave because it is not safe to be present at that time. The aspects of our spirit do not leave us because they are abandoning us, they leave because they are seeking a safe place to reside until it is safe and welcomed to return. A prime example is someone being in a car accident.  Many times, there is a loss of memory that accompanies the trauma. Our mind and emotional being "shut down" or dissociate from the trauma of this event, and so a part of our spirit can also "dissociate" or leave us.

Soul Retrieval does not involve returning that aspect of the spirit which is wounded, but rather the gift or pure vital essence which did not feel safe, thus left seeking safety. The vital essence has a quality which is important for you to have returned to you. For instance, it might be the essence of "safety" that left you when you were 15 because of some trauma that occurred in school, or at home, or in a car accident, etc. When this essence is returned to you, it enables you to move into a state of cohesion or wholeness. As a result, healing occurs on many levels. Sometimes that healing is on the physical plane, or on the mental/emotional plane or both. The healing can be very subtle, but can certainly affect one's life in a very profound way.

This is a sacred ceremony, and it takes time and the ability to hold space for the new essences to be welcomed and integrated into your present life. It may be necessary to check in with me within a few weeks to talk about the integration process and if needed, have a follow up session to assist with the healing process.






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